Last updated: December 2018

learn to build ethereum dapps

Step-by-step ebook tutorial to build a ToDo list Dapp (84 pages)

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Based on the free series - ebook has 3 bonus chapters on React

You will learn

  •  Coding smart contracts
  •  Designing Dapp frontends
  •  Frontend and Ethereum integration
  •  Setup KILLER workflow to automate smart contract compilation and packaging into frontend

Using the latest Ethereum libraries & tools


Solidity is the programming language used for smart contract


Truffle is the most popular framework for Ethereum Dapps & smart contracts. It is written in Nodejs


We will use modern ES6 Javascript, React and Webpack on the frontend

84 pages ebook, professionally edited:

  •  Organized by chapters
  •  Step-by-step instructions
  •  Simple code examples
  •  Syntax highligting
  •  Links to online resources

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Writing the smart contract - Part I
  • Writing the smart contract - Part II
  • Writing the Nodejs backend
  • Setup the frontend & read account data
  • Build a smart contract client with Truffle Contract
  • Webpack, ES6 & truffle-solidity-loader
  • Read contract data from frontend
  • Create contract data from frontend
  • Toggle task done status + keep frontend synced with smart contract
  • BONUS CHAPTER 1: Refactor with React - Part I
  • BONUS CHAPTER 2: Refactor with React - Part II
  • BONUS CHAPTER 3: Refactor with React - Part III
  • BONUS CHAPTER 4 (Unpublished yet): Integrate Drizzle
  • Next steps

Delivered in these formats: Pdf, Epub (Kindle) & Mobi

about the author

Hi! My name is Julien and I am Blockchain software engineer. For the past 2 years, I have been building Dapps and Solidity smart contracts for several Ethereum and ICOs projects. I currently work at Lendingblock, an institutional crypto lending exchange. I run EatTheBlocks, a youtube channel for Ethereum developers, and I am also preparing a video course on Ethereum with Manning. I also have extensive experience with Nodejs, Javascript & React, having worked as a full-stack software engineer for the last 5 years.  Github & LinkedIn

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  • Send me the transaction id by email at julien [at] eattheblocks [dot] com. I will send you back the ebook :)

* You can just take today rate on coinmarketcap. Don't worry, I won't be mad if the amount received isn't 100% exact :)