EatTheBlocks Projects

Community Blockchain projects, built on top of the ETB Token

Let’s build projects together

Instead of launching your project on your own,
you can leverage the community of EatTheBlocks, and get a reward of ETB tokens.

How does it work?

  1. 1

    Community vote

    The community of EatTheBlocks vote for the next project to build. The vote is done with the the ETB token

  2. 2

    Job applications

    Developers apply to build the project. A developer or a team is selected to build the project.
  3. 3


    The team selected starts to build the project. Upon completion, it receives some ETB tokens reward, and the project is promoted on the Youtube channel of EatTheBlocks.

Build on top of the ETB token

ETB token is a community token used for the governance of the ETB ecoystem.
It is deployed on Binance Smart Chain at 0x7AC64008FA000BfDc4494e0BfCC9F4efF3d51d2a
Total supply
Airdroped to the community
Liquidity pool on Pancakeswap

Current project

This is the next project to build, selected by the community.
If you are interested in building it, send your application by email.



Build a voting system for the ETB tokens. The voting is done off-chain, using NodeJS and a Mongo DB Database. It verifies token ownership with signatures, and applies vote proportionally to the balance of tokens.

Part of the project is already built, in the Github repo of EatTheBlocks.

Interested? Send an email to julien [at] eattheblocks [dot] com with your application.