Advanced Drizzle Tutorial: Create your own Dapp components with React and Context API

Julien Klepatch

In the last episode I gave you an introduction to Drizzle and we built a simple Dapp using Drizzle, Truffle and React.

To speed up development, we used a package of pre-built drizzle / react components called drizzle-react-components. That’s very handy to kickstart your Dapp quickly. However, once your Dapp becomes more complex, the lack of flexibility of pre-made components can be annoying.

In this tutorial we will learn how to build our own react components for our Drizzle project. We will build custom components for:

  • loading component (wait that drizzle is ready before rendering children)
  • displaying account balances
  • reading data from smart contract
  • writing data to smart contract + showing feedback to user for evolution of transaction status

The last point is really crucial because showing transaction status to users dramatically improves the UX of your Dapp.

We will also learn how to use the new Context API of React to connect Drizzle to our React application.

To watch the video tutorial, becomes a member of EatTheBlocks Pro:


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