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Announcing NFT 101 EatTheBlock Pro Course

Rahul Ravindran

Blockchain has greatly increased the potential impact a single developer can have on a project as opposed to traditional web 2.0 development. This stands especially true in the NFT ecosystem. NFT developers are at record demand given the exploding rise of NFT in the past few months. But getting started with NFT development is tricky and frustrating, when coming from a web 2.0 background. Our goal at EatTheBlocks is to empower every developer to have an impactful career and we are launching a complete step by step NFT 101 Pro course to simplify this journey.

NFT Sales
NFT Sales

How to get started in NFTs as a developer?

There are 3 possibilities for developers in the NFT industry:
– Work as an employee, for an NFT company, and make a great salary (up to $200-300k yearly salary for senior profiles)
– Work as an NFT creator, using generative art for example. In this case, the sky’s the limit.
– Work as an NFT developer, building your own NFT marketplace. In this case, the sky’s the limit too 🙂

But no matter what you want to do, you need to understand how NFTs work, at a technical level and this course has you covered.

Applications of NFT

a. Gaming

Non-fungible tokens aren’t new in the world of gaming as they are renowned for solving inherent problems. Popular games like Fortnite forbid the sale of rare characteristics and accessories like skins and weapons. Nevertheless, with non-fungible tokens, these traits can be transferred with much ease and used in various games. Consequently, NFTs can help in driving in-game economies.

b. Digital assets

Take Decentraland as an example where participants can purchase virtual land. Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is another example that resembles a home that applies non-fungible tokens for its ETH domain to assist in purchasing and selling.

c. Identity

Non-fungible tokens are ideal for combating identity theft. Medical records, academic documents, persons’ appearance are some of the things that are easily digitized to represent one’s identity. Moreover, digital artists can convert their job into non-fungible tokens for copyright purposes. The application of NFT to assist in proving the identity including transforming physical game tickets into NFTs to help wipe out counterfeits.

d. Collectibles

NFTs are bringing a new dawn to the world of collectibles. As a result, traditional collectibles are now adopting digital assets.

Who is this course for?

  1. Recent graduates who want to start their career as an NFT developer
  2. Seasoned working professionals who want to transition and establish themselves as NFT developers
  3. Artists and blockchain enthusiasts who want to dabble into NFT and explore the potential for themselves


You need to be familiar with fundamentals of web development such as html, css and javascript for this course.

Understanding how blockchain works and how different pieces such as solidity, web3, hardhat and metamask come together to form a blockchain app is also required.

If you do not have this knowledge yet. Please feel free to watch checkout courses like 6-Figure Blockchain Developer or Web Development For Blockchain.

Topics Covered

In this course, you will get hands on how to design, develop, and scale an NFT dapp on Ethereum. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers to learn and build together. You will learn the following topics in this course:

  • A general introduction to NFT and the NFT ecosystem
  • Understanding the types of NFTs and History of NFTs
  • Architecture of NFTs
  • Creating An ERC721 From Scratch
  • Creating Your First NFT
  • Building NFTs Fast With OpenZeppelin
  • Creating An ERC1155 From Scratch
  • Creating An NFT Visualiser

We will work with industry standard tools such as Hardhat, Solidity, OpenZeppelin, Ethers and React framework.

IMPORTANT: We will not spend too much on the creation of the NFT image itself. This will be for the next course on NFT (NFT 201). Instead we will focus on the mechanics of the NFT (smart contract + frontend).

Meet your Instructor

We are excited for you to start your journey as an NFT developer and for the launch we are giving a $100 discount on this course until Thursday Nov 11th at midnight UTC+8.

You can use the “NFT_101_LAUNCH” coupon during checkout to avail the discount. What are you waiting for to see you in class!

Checkout the full course while you can enjoy the special discount.


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