Best Youtube channels to learn Ethereum Dapp development

Julien Klepatch

If you are learning how to build Dapps, you might have noticed that it’s difficult to find good and up-to-date tutorials. I spent a lot of time reviewing what are the best youtube channels where we can find good video tutorials to build Ethereum Dapps and learn smart contract programming. The article is the result of my finding, where I analyze 8 channels. For each channel, I give a rating for :

  • quality of content
  • quality of video (i.e quality of recording)
  • frequency

I also explain what are the main topics in the channel and what I like / don’t like about it. At the end of the article I put a table comparison between all the channel.


  • Link
  • Subscribers: ~450 (as of October 2018)
  • Videos: 35
  • Main topic: Tutorials to build Ethereum Dapps

This is my channel on youtube. I make tutorials for learning ethereum Dapps, covering:

  • Full Dapp tutorials (integration of frontend with smart contracts)
  • Smart contracts
  • Truffle
  • Web3
  • Ganache

I provide 3 kind of content:

  • Episodes: usually on a one-off topic
  • Series, where we build a full project (Dapp) or explore in more details a specific technical topic
  • Weekly Newsletter: in 5 to 10 mins, I summarized the recent developments relevant to Dapp developers: frameworks, libraries, token standards. A good way to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Ethereum without spending too much time.

People seems to really enjoy my ToDo List Dapp series where we build a full Dapp with smart contract + integration with frontend.

Technical quality Visual quality Frequency
High Medium Medium

What’s Solidity

  • Link
  • Subscribers: ~9000 (as of October 2018)
  • Videos: 32
  • Main topic: Solidity smart contracts

When I first started EatTheBlocks more than a year ago, What’s Solidity was the only good channel about smart contracts on youtube. I learned a lot from this channel and absolutely love the content. Technically, the author of this channel is probably the best out of all channel, including mine. If you want to learn deep topics like Solidity Assembly or how the EVM works this is probably the best resource on youtube. The author used to create a lot of content, then he stop, then recently he came back, but it seems like once again he has stopped uploading new videos. A bit frustrating, but I am already very thankful for the good content he already produced.

Technical quality Visual quality Frequency
High Medium Low


  • Link
  • Subscribers: ~14,000 (as of October 2018)
  • Videos: 100
  • Main topic: ICO

Lots of quality content regularly updated. The author has done lots of interviews with developers involved in Dapp ecosystem. He also did a lot of tutorials about how to build ICOs on Ethereum. This being said, I do find the titles of his videos quite click-baity, and the content is sometime a bit shallow technically.

Technical quality Visual quality Frequency
Medium High High


  • Link
  • Subscribers: ~4,800 (as of October 2018)
  • Videos: 25
  • Main topic: Go

This channel focuses on Go. I am not personally so much into go but if you are into it then it’s definitely the channel to watch. Also, I have noticed that after a long time without updating his channel the author came back and restarted uploading content. Since he came back there was a notable increase in the quality in the videos. Let’s hope it continues like this.

Technical quality Visual quality Frequency
Medium High Medium


  • Link
  • Subscribers: ~8,600 (as of October 2018)
  • Videos: 98
  • Main topic: different Blockchain projects, not just Ethereum

BlockGeeks is an online school for learning Blockchain development.

Contrary to other channels I mentioned in this article they do not focus exclusively on Ethereum but instead cover a broad range of topics in the blockchain space: Cosmos, Interledger, etc… With the massive amount of updates in the Ethereum I don’t have much time to follow other blockchain projects, but I appreciate watching some of their short videos about other blockchain projects.

However, if you are looking specifically for dapp tutorials for ethereum, you might be a bit disappointed. They dont have that much content just for Ethereum and generally speaking their videos tend to be a little too promotional. Often they are just short teasers to promote their own paid courses. Finally, their teachers look pretty inexperienced technically and also look a bit stiff on camera.

Technical quality Visual quality Frequency
Low High High

Ethereum foundation

  • Link
  • Subscribers: ~26,000 (as of October 2018)
  • Videos: 305
  • Main topic: Evolution of the Ethereum protocol

Contrary to previous channel this one is more suited for people who want to learn about the Ethereum protocol itself as opposed to application development on top of Ethereum. The most important videos to follow are the bi-weekly Ethereum core dev calls where developers talk about the evolution of the Ethereum protocol, as well as the state of implementations in various clients (Geth, Parity, etc…) On this channel you will also find videos of various Ethereum sub-projects such as Eth 2.0, Sharding or Ewasm.

I tried to at least follow all the videos of the core dev calls every 2 weeks. If I don’t have time to follow the 1-hour video I check out the meeting notes that are published in the Ethereum PM repo after each call, like this one. From time to time I also watch videos of Ewasm and Eth 2.0, to keep up with the future evolution of Ethereum.

Technical quality Visual quality Frequency
High Medium High

Code Expert

  • Link
  • Subscribers: ~230 (as of October 2018)
  • Videos: 86
  • Main topic: Ethereum & EOS tutorials

A lot of good tutorials on Ethereum on this channel. I noticed a recent trend where a lot of the recent tutorials where on EOS instead of Ethereum though. I have to admit that this channel is a little bit hear-breaking because even though the author created a ton of good content, the number of subscribers is still very low low. He deserve better.

Technical quality Visual quality Frequency
Medium Low High

Dan Lipert

  • Link
  • Subscribers: ~140 (as of October 2018)
  • Videos: 10
  • Main topic: Ethereum

Some interesting videos, such as Ethereum smart contract upgrades, or tips for becoming a Blockchain developer. Still, the number of videos is a bit low, and the channel is still very young, so I am not sure if the author is going to continue to upload new content regularly.

Technical quality Visual quality Frequency
Medium High Low


Channel Technical quality Visual quality Frequency # Videos
EatTheBlocks High Medium Medium 35
What’s Solidity High Medium Low 32
DappUniversity Medium High High 101
WhatTheFunc Medium High Medium 25
BlockGeeks Low High High 98
Ethereum Foundation High Medium High 305
Code Expert Medium Low High 98
Dan Lipert Medium High Low 10


  1. Moin
    October 29, 2018

    BlockGeeks is a place i don't want to be. Their information is scattered and i have requested them for a refund. Waiting for their response, as i missed the 7 days evaluation period. Apart from EatTheBlocks, i love DappUniversity for the consistency in the content. I love his TDD approach which lot of devs don't even consider important. Though his interviews and podcasts are not that technical, i atleast get to know some interesting projects in the Blockchain space. IvanOnTech can be another guy on this list.

    • jklepatch
      October 30, 2018

      I had some doubt about Blockgeeks too... Thanks for your input on this!

  2. Oksana
    October 29, 2018

    Great list. Thanks for sharing!

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