Black Friday 2021 Announcement

Julien Klepatch

Hey, do you want to learn Web3 development? Read this!

I am Julien, and on my Youtube channel EatTheBlocks I have taught Web3 to millions of developers

And for Black Friday, you can get a Lifetime Pass for all my courses for 597 USD. That’s 70pct off, a saving of 1400 USD.

With the Lifetime Pass, you get access to all my courses about web3 and Blockchain development.

My courses cover everything you need, smart contract, frontend, testing, security, DeFI, NFTs, E-VERY-THING.

This is the fastest way to become a professional web3 developer.

Right now the demand for web3 developers is exploding.

  • For Junior, you can get paid 100k USD per year

And for senior it can go up to 300k USD.

  • And most of these jobs are remote, even after everybody else gets back to the office.

This offer is ONLY for Black Friday. 

The next day, the Lifetime Pass goes to back to its original price of almost 2000 USD.

So you don’t want to miss on that offer.

So to not miss this offer, go register here. I will send you the offer this week on Friday 26th.


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