Simple smart contract

Julien Klepatch

Starting with Solidity smart contract is a bit overwhelming… the tools, the Ethereum Blockchain, the Solidity language… that’s a lot to learn.

I created this video for people who are total beginners and want to get started with Solidity smart contracts. We are going to use Remix, the online code editor (IDE) for Solidity, an easy-to-use tool that combine a lot of tools for you, including a local Ethereum blockchain for development. The smart contract we are going to create is super simple, and for a good reason: At this point, I just want to teach you the general workflow, and I dont want to overwhelm you with too many details. So we wont be doing much Solidity in this video, but we will mostly learn how to use Remix. You will learn:

  • the basics of Remix
  • the very basics of a Solidity smart contract
  • how to deploy a Solidity smart contract with Remix


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