EatTheBlocks Newsletter #18 – New Screencast for Ethereum Dapps & Smart Contracts, HTLC Contract Standard…

Julien Klepatch

  • Launch of EatTheBlocks Pro – I am very excited to announce the launch of my paid screencast! Members will enjoy a new exclusive video tutorial once a week. It will cover Ethereum Dapps & Smart contracts, like the youtube channel. Unlike the youtube channel though, the topics will be more advanced: test-driven-development (TDD) for smart contracts, security, continuous integration, full projects and more niceties! Members will also enjoy access to a private telegram channel where me and other members can help you if you are stuck somewhere. Normal price is 15 USD / month, but during the launch it will be 10 USD / a month. Can cancel at any time. 1st month refundable if not happy. Buyers of my Manning course or the ebook get 1 extra month for free.
  • How to become a Blockchain developer Step-by-step plan – I released my longest video ever last week (36 mins) where I give a 10 step plan to become a Blockchain dev. The video was trending on r/Blockchain, got tons of upvotes, and became my most popular video. Pretty happy about this 🙂
  • Let’s Talk ETC: Intro To ETC / ETH Dapp Development – I was invited to this podcast to talk about the Dapp development, the state of developer tools and my DEX course on Manning.
  • Verify Ethereum smart contract with web3.js and solc – Tutorial to do smart contract source code verification like on Etherscan. Lots of pitfalls to avoid, not as simple as it seems!
  • Pubsub pattern in Solidity smart contract – Tutorial to implement the pubsub pattern to allow several smart contracts to communicate, without them knowing each anything about each other
  • Remix IDE v0.7.5 released – Added support for Solidity v0.5.0, added Oraclize & Solium plugins…
  • AWS Managed Blockchain – AWS is launching a new service to create on-demand private Ethereum Blockchain. Only available in preview now.
  • Two Point Oh: The tale of 2 Ether – Nice explanation of how ETH 2.0 will temporarily create 2 different Ethers: Ether of the main chain, and Ether staked in VMC contract, which can be withdrawn only in shards (i.e shard Ether).
  • Keyspace: end-to-end encryption using IPFS and Ethereum – encryption protocol by Airswap, the peer-to-peer trading protcol
  • ERC 1630 – Hashed Time-Locked Contract Standard – New ERC to implement HTLC smart contracts. Is the building block for atomic swaps.
This is a newsletter for Ethereum Dapp Developers. Each week, I hand-pick the best 10 links for Ethereum developers and send them to you. Expect to find the latest developments in Solidity, Truffle, web3 and Ethereum. 
If you want to submit a link in the next newsletter or submit feedback, you can reach me at
julien [at] eattheblocks [dot] com

Happy learning!

Julien from EatTheBlocks


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