Fomo3D Tutorial

Julien Klepatch

Have you heard of Fomo3D? This is a famous lottery Dapp on Ethereum where the last player to invest in a round win the jackpot! By the way, don’t freak out if you visit the page of Fomo3d and see references to “scam”. This is just some provocative marketing. This isn’t a scam, it’s a legit lottery game on Ethereum.

This game was created as a social experiment to reproduce the conditions of an ICO, followed by an exit scam.

In this video, we are going to learn how to create a Fomo3D smart contract. Players also have to pay a small fee to the smart contract in order to play. That means that you could theoretically run your own decentralized casino by adding a frontend to the smart contract.

Checkout the video tutorial to learn how to code the smart contract:


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