Introducing the forum of EatTheBlocks

Julien Klepatch

The lonely developer syndrom…

Let’s say you have been working on a Dapp / smart contract idea.

You know what you want to achieve at a high-level, but you don’t know how to turn your vision into a technical architecture.

Or, you have coded something already, but you are a bit unsure and would like to get some feedback.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a nice and friendly (and skilled!) community that you could turn to?

(Hint: Stackoverflow is NOT a good fit for that kind of questions).

Welcome to the Forum of EatTheBlocks!

I have just launched a forum for EatTheBlocks. It uses a modern forum technology that is nice and fast to use. 

You can use it to:

Ask questions about EatTheBlocks tutorials Ask technical questions about Ethereum / Solidity Dapps Discuss news of Ethereum / Solidity / Dapps Create a discussion about a personal project. A good way to get the word out and get feedback! Or maybe other things I havent mentioned here! As long as its relevant to Dapp development So create your account now by clicking on “Sign Up” and you are all set!

(I need to manually approve new accounts. I do this every day.)

“But, there are already stackoverflow, other forums”?…yes BUT

Stackoverflow only allow you to ask for very specific problems. You can’t ask. And the moderators tend to be…strict to say the least. It’s very easy to waste time writing a long answer and be censored because you don’t meet their weird “community guidelines”.

As for other Ethereum / Dapps forums…actually there is almost none, except some that are very specific to certain frameworks

Ok…And what about the Telegram chat group, will it be replaced by the forum?

Nope. The Telegram will stay.

Chats have a different purpose than forums.

They are better for watercooler kind of dicussions, or quick questions. 

For deep technical talks, forums are better.

By the way, if you are wondering, the Telegram group is only for EatTheBlocks Pro members.


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