Nervos explained in 2 mins

Julien Klepatch

Nervos is an interoperability project. It aims at being the central layer that connects all Blockchain together.

 In this article I will explain what is Nervos, how does it work, and how you can build on it.

The CKB Token

The native coin of Nervos is CKB.

 It is used to pay for transaction fees, and to store data on Nervos.

 It is the 147th largest coin with a market cap of 828M. 
It has a total supply of 34 billions CKB.

 It’s possible to stake your CKB in the CKBDAO and receive some yield


The Architecture of Nervos

CKB has a multi-chain architecture.

 It has a L1 Blockchain for decentralization and security, and multiple L2 for scalability and flexibility.

The Layer 1, called Common Knowledge Base or just CKB, has a POW consensus and an UTXO data structure, like Bitcoin.

 It also has a virtual machine to offer smart contract capabilities.

One of the layer 2 chains of Nervos is Godwoken, an EVM Blockchain.

Nervos also has a bridge to move assets between Nervos and many other Blockchains, like Ethereum.

Building on Nervos

To create a Dapp on Nervos, you can either build:

  • on Nervos L1
  • or on a L2 chain.

To get started, the easiest is to build on Godwoken, the EVM compatible L2 chain of Nervos. 

For development, you can use Aggron, the public testnet of Nervos.

You will need to run a CKB node, and a CKB indexer, for Nervos L1.

 To synchronize faster with the network, you can download the historical blockchain data.

Then, for the L2 chain, you will need to run a Godwoken node.

To communicate with your Godwoken node, you will use a modified version of web3 called polyjuice-provider/web3.

For writing smart contracts, since Godwoken is EVM compatible, you can use Solidity and Truffle.

And for the wallet, you can use Metamask, configured for Godwoken.

Nervos projects

Even though Nervos is still at an early stage, it already has more than 10 projects, covering both DeFi and NFT


For example, there is Yokai Swap, a decentralized exchange, or, an NFT project.

If you want to build your own project on Nervos, you can go apply for a grant on the website of Nervos.


So that’s it for this short introduction to Nervos.

In conclusion I think Nervos has an original technical approach.

And since we are still at an early stage of its development, if you build your own project on Nervos, it will be easier to stand out.

If you want to get more information on Nervos, go to their website. That’s it for today, bye!


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