November 9, 2018

Learn To Build a DEX on Ethereum with my video course on Manning

I have just released "Ethereum Dapps In Motion", my premium video course for Ethereum Dapp Developers, in partnership with Manning: https://www.manning.com/livevideo/ethereum-dapps-in-motion You have 7 days to get the course at 50pct off using the vlklepatch coupon code (coupon ends on november 14), and save 25 USD. In this course I…

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November 5, 2018

Updates added to “Learn Ethereum Dapps” ebook – v1.1.0

Last week I released my ebook Learn Ethereum Dapps, where I teach how to build a ToDo list Dapp on Ethereum. Just after having releasing it I was surprised and happy to receive my first orders right away! Exciting times. Some of the first buyers reported some typos / errors…

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