Updates added to “Learn Ethereum Dapps” ebook – v1.1.0

Julien Klepatch

Last week I released my ebook Learn Ethereum Dapps, where I teach how to build a ToDo list Dapp on Ethereum.

Just after having releasing it I was surprised and happy to receive my first orders right away! Exciting times. Some of the first buyers reported some typos / errors in the ebook.

Today I have just released a new version of this ebook (v1.1.0), where I have corrected all the typos and errors. I have also added a new chapter to toggle the done status of the tasks and to keep the frontend UI synced with the data of the smart contract. This new chapter will be also be released in the free series of the Todo list Dapp, but only in a couple of weeks.

Other chapters on React and Drizzle will be added in the coming weeks.


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