Ethereum Tokens explained to Developers – Full Guide (9 tokens covered)

Julien Klepatch

ERC this, ERC that… so many token standards…

If you want to become good in Solidity, you HAVE to understand how to transfer on-chain assets…

And that means knowing token standards, like ERC20…

The problem is… there are SO MANY token standards:

  • What is an Ethereum Token?
  • Which tokens are important?
  • What do you need to know about them, as a smart contract developer?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly find all that info quickly, without spending days of reading the boring specification of ERC token standard?

Well, I have done the work for you.

I have created a cheatsheet on Ethereum token standard, with all the important info in a condensed format. Get your cheatsheet for free here.

If have also prepared 9 tutorial videos for a detailed explanation of each token standard.

9 videos to teach you all you need to know about Ethereum Tokens

I have created a whole video series to teach you the MOST important tokens. After you watch this video, you will know which token to choose for your smart contract / dapp.

Full tutorial series on Ethereum tokens:

  1. Introduction to Ethereum
  2. ERC20 – fungible tokens
  3. ERC223 – improved ERC20
  4. ERC165 – simple pseudo-introspection
  5. ERC1820 – advanced pseudo-introspection with registry
  6. ERC777 – improved ERC20
  7. ERC721 – non-fungible tokens
  8. ERC1155 – ERC20 + ERC721 tokens in the same contract
  9. ERC1400 – Security Token Standard

In any case, make sure to get your hand on this free cheatsheet on ethereum token standards. It covers all the most important info you need to know about erc tokens as a Solidity developer.


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