“Learn Ethereum Dapps” ebook updated: Refactor Dapp with React

Julien Klepatch

I have just updated the ebook Learn Ethereum Dapps with 3 new chapters (step10, 11, and 12). In these chapters we:

  • get rid of jQuery and replace it with React
  • Update web3 to 1.0-beta36 (latest version)
  • Replace TruffleContract by Web3

These are exclusive chapters and are available only in the ebook. They will NOT be released on Youtube or on this blog.

If you have never heard of this ebook before, this is the ebook of my popular tutorial series on how to build a ToDo List Dapp on Ethereum.

If you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and get a fresh copy of the ebook here 🙂

Full list of changes:
– Prefixed names of chapters with step numbers
– Fixed typos at step 8
– Added step10, step11, step12
– Updated conclusion with info about EatTheBlocks Pro


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