Introducing “Smart Contract 30”, a 30-day course on Solidity

Julien Klepatch

Are you a beginner learning Solidity? Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of developing an Ethereum smart contract and don’t know where to start?

Well, I have built a course just for you!

In Smart Contract 30, we are going to write 30 Ethereum smart contracts, one contract a day for 30 days!

In this course, you will use the Remix IDE, an online code editor for Solidity. Since it’s an online editor, you don’t need any setup or installation to use it. You just visit the website, and you can use it right away. Too easy!

The course gives you access to the code of the smart contracts. In case of problem, you can just copy and paste!

This course is very different from the others on Solidity, because we learn by doing. No long lessons about the theory. In Smart Contract 30, you will not find any video about a specific feature of Solidity, like “Solidity functions” or “Solidity variables”. Instead, in each video we will program together a smart contract. I will progressively introduce new Solidity concepts as we run across them in the course.

For this course, no prior knowledge on Ethereum is required. You can follow the course from any operating system: Windows, Linux or Mac.

NOTE: if you are interested in taking the course, I recommend purchasing the All-access membership of EatTheBlocks Pro, which gives you access to ALL the courses of EatTheBlocks Pro. This is almost the same price as the course, and will give you much more bang for your bucks!

The course is divided into 3 sections:

  • › Beginner
  • › Intermediate
  • › Advanced

You can find a full breakdown of the course videos on EatTheBlocks Pro

For any questions, shoot me an email at julien [at] eattheblocks [dot] com


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