Moralis explained in 2 mins

Julien Klepatch

Moralis is Firebase for web3.

 With Moralis, any web developer can build a Blockchain app with a few lines of Javascript. 

In this article I will show you:

  • what is Moralis
  • and how you can use it to build web3 apps

The problem with web3 development

When you build a web3 apps, you interact with the Blockchain by using RPC nodes.

 The API of these nodes is hard to use.

Libraries like Web3.js or ethers.js improve the situation, but it’s still too low-level.

Can we do better? Yes!

The solution

Moralis provides an extra layer on top of RPC nodes, with a ton of very useful endpoints for application developers.

Moralis was created by Ivan on Tech, a famous crypto YouTuber who has been in the space since 2016.

 Moralis has a team of 60 people and has just raised 11.5M euros.

Moralis is available:

  • for the main EVM Blockchains, like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain

  • and also soon for non-EVM Blockchain with Solana support coming in November.

And it’s all accessible with the same API.

Moralis features

The main features of Moralis are provided:

  • by Moralis Servers in the backend
  • and the Moralis Javascript SDK in the frontend

First, you create a server, which is a mongo-like database, plus some endpoints, similar to Firebase.

Then, when a user login for the first time using the Moralis SDK:

  • the server starts to index the assets on all supported chains
  • the data is kept up-to-date

  • and users can attach addresses of several chains to their profile

Finally, you can define additional endpoints with cloud functions, like in serverless platforms.

And there is also a ton of other features like file storage, email, so that you can build your whole application with Moralis.

Besides the Moralis server, there are also Web3 Apis, which are endpoints that provide Blockchain historical data
 about users, tokens and contracts, for different chains.

There are also speedy nodes, which are RPC nodes with web socket & archive support.

And soon there will be web3 alerts, which will be webhooks triggered when some events happen on-chain



In conclusion I think that Moralis is amazing.

 The product is very unique, the team is very practical and knows developer needs very well.

 Today, Moralis provides the easiest way to build a web3 app.

So to get started:

  • go to the website of Moralis and create your free account.

  • after you can checkout their documentation and follow their tutorials.

  • They also have a Youtube channel with lots of video tutorials.

  • And They also have some ready-to-use React & React-native boilerplate code.


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