New videos on EatTheBlocks: Vue Dapp, Solidity Assembly, Oracle

Julien Klepatch

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Vue Dapps

The Drizzle team is about to roll out a new plugin for Vue. With this plugin, you can very easily integrate Drizzle to your Vue Dapps. I have already created 2 videos (link1, link2) to show you how to use this Drizzle Vue plugin, and a third one (about events) is on the way.

By the way, if you a React kind of developer (like me), It’s still a good idea to watch these tutorials because you will realize how simple Vue is.

Assembly beginner

Have you heard of Assembly, the low-level language of Solidity? With Assembly you can:

  • write contracts that are more optimized for gas consumption
  • write functionalities that are just not possible in plan Solidity, using directly the opcodes of the EVM

The problem is, Assembly is scary for most people. Fear not, because in this tutorial I give you a gentle introduction to assembly with some simple examples that everybody can understand (if, for, and other basic constructs). A great way to get started with Assembly!

Arbitrage trading with DEx + Oracle pattern

In this video I show an example of how to use the Oracle pattern (importing outside data to a smart contract). The oracle pattern is necessary everytime your smart contract needs to use some data coming from outside the blockchain. There are some ready-to-use solutions (Oraclize, etc…), but they can be a bit complex to use. The example I give you is a 100pct custom implementation of the oracle pattern, that you can use for your own Dapp.

Other new tutorials

There are some other new tutorials in the screencast series, but I haven’t listed them all here otherwise this email would be too long. Go checkout the series and see for yourself 🙂

If you have any questions, you can reply to this email or for the pro members of EatTheBlocks you can reach out to me via the private telegram group.

Last thing: I have been locked out of the telegram group for a couple of weeks because I am currently traveling in China where Telegram is blocked. I will leave China in a couple of days and be back on the telegram group



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