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This week was great for Ethereum, with a new all-time high.

Ethereum Name Service Airdrop

Ethereum Name Service is launching is DAO The DAO will be able to control the pricing of the ENS service, as well as the treasury of ENS. ENS governance tokens will be airdrop to the users of the ENS service

Connext ethereum mainnet support

Connext, an interoperability protocol for EVM Blockchains, has just added support for Ethereum. You can now transfer assets to/from Ethereum directly from Polygon, Fantom, BSC, Arbitrum, Avalanche & xDai.

DeFi Market Cap & Important figures

DeFi Pulse

The DeFI Market cap reached 105B, it keeps increasing after having being stuck around 100B for a few weeks

Notional V2 is live

This is a protocol to borrow or lend at a fixed rate. You can borrow stablecoins for up to one year, and ether or wrapped bitcoin for up to 6 month

Angle Protocol deployed on the Ethereum mainnet

The Angle Protocol has officially been deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. Angle provides an Euro stablecoin as well as the ability to open leveragde long positions for various stabecoins

Aave V3 official announcement

Aave v3 was just announced. It comes with a lot of new features, like Portal, which allows assets to seamlessly flow between Aave V3 markets over different networks;

Padawan DAO

Padawan DAO is a new DAO to fund scholarships for young Palawan so that they can attend their first crypto conferences – this targets highschool and college students


Sfermion, $100M new metaverse investment fund

Sfermion’s, a new investment fund to back the metaverse has received $100m in funding from top investors like Marc Andreessen and the Winklevoss twins

Solana’s $100M fund focused on Web3 games

Solana Ventures, the strategic investment arm of Solana Labs, as well as others, have invested 100M to fund a studio for games that will be live on Web3.


Timesquare NFT takeover

NFTs Take Over NYC, which giant NFT billboards at Timesquare, as the NFT.NYC conference is taking place

Marverl’s Eternals NFT

Eternals, Marvel’s latest movie will issue some NFTs on Veve, an NFT Marketplace on ImmutableX.

Swap NFTs on NFTX

NFTX has released a new product to allow you to swap NFTs of the same collection

Enterprise Blockchain & Regulation

U.S Congress infrastructure bill

The U.S. Congress voted to pass the infrastructure bill that contains very strict provisions for crypto.

Under The crypto industry is concerned about the new definition of a broker within this law.

The new definition might include miners and other parties that don’t actually facilitate transactions.

Another problematic provision is the reporting of personal information for any transaction above 10,000.

However, the treasury department still has to explain how it plans to interpret the bill, and many think that the law will be impossible to enforce.

First Australian Bank Offering Crypto Services

Commonwealth Bank will become the first Australian bank to offer crypto services to its customers, in a partnership with Gemini.

News for Developers

Solidity Docs in Remix

You can now open the code examples of the Solidity docs in Remix by clicking on a an icon next to each code sample

Typescript library to swap NFTs

TypeScript library to swap NFTs using the 0x protocol

NFT Floor Market

NFT Floor Market: a zero-fee + royalties, 100% on-chain marketplace contract that allows buyers to place offers on any token within an ERC-721 contract, and any holder can accept the offer.


Archivenode, a project that offers free access to archive node

StarkNet playground

Compile and deploy Cairo contracts, Cairo is the smart contract language for StarkNet zk rollups, already used by dYdX, Sorare and Immutable X


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